Will 2019 be a turning point for B2B content marketing?

Content marketing works.

That’s in the opinion of B2B marketers, 98% of whom believe producing content is worth the cost. A majority plan to produce more social content this year, with website and video content not far behind, and they expect a few specific outcomes. These are:

  1. Increasing sales
  2. Building customer relationships
  3. Boosting brand awareness

This may be no surprise. But now that content marketing has earned its seat at the adult’s table, how can B2B firms make the most of the time and cost involved in content production?

Keep things small and snackable. Everybody loves snacks – this is no less true on the web than it is in your kitchen at 1AM. But back up your frequent, short content like social media posts and blog articles with dense longer-form content like white papers and in-depth reports. This will have a compounding effect on customer acquisition and engagement — not to mention your Google rankings.

Sound like a lot of work? It is — which is probably why 95% of B2B marketers say working with external agencies will be a priority for them over the next year.

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Use Twitter’s marketing calendar to keep up with obscure holidays

“International pizza day” and “bubble wrap appreciation day” are holidays you may have missed last year — and we wouldn’t blame you. But in the social media world, some of these can have a big impact on post impressions. Twitter has taken some of the headache out of keeping up with events and holidays with their 2019 Twitter marketing calendar.

The calendar covers good-to-know dates from the obvious to the obscure, alongside the projected number of tweet impressions for each — a handy resource for any business trying to keep pace with social.

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Video taking flight on Twitter

How do you get 10x more engagement on a tweet or reduce cost per engagement by 50%?

Simple, says Twitter. Include a video.

Video lets you effectively convey your brand’s message, its look, and its feel. If done well, it makes your brand look interesting, fresh, and new — that is, exactly what people are looking for when they visit Twitter.

How do you best leverage video in your Twitter campaigns?

  1. Promote your videos: Inject a bit of cash to promote a video you’ve already shared organically.
  2. Video Website Cards: Allow Twitter users to preview your website or landing page while still watching your video.
  3. In-Stream Video Ads: Put your ad in front of a video published by a Twitter content partner.

According to Twitter’s internal data, daily video views are growing 67% year-on-year, with 93% of those views happening on mobile.

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Ready to step up your content game? Get Jenga with it.